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Water for health

AL-MAZRAQ, YEMEN - AUGUST 2010:  The opening of a Unicef sponsored Water Scheme close to the Al-Mazraq IDP camps, Al-Mazraq, Yemen, August 14, 2010. The opening was attended by Unicef Goodwill Ambassador Martin Bell, in the region to bring attention to the plight of the children affected by conflict between the Yemeni Government Forces and the Shiite Al-Houthi group in the Sa'ada governate. A shaky ceasefire reached in February 2010 brought a halt to the 6th round of conflict between the Government of Yemen and the Shiite Al-Houti group in the Sa'ada Governate. The situation is fragile and sporadic clashes are ongoing. According to UNHCR, around 316000 Internally Displaced People are scattered throughout the five conflict affected governates of Hajjah, Amran, Sa'ada, Al-Jawf and Sana'a. Over 60% of these people are women and children. Food, water and sanitation needs are extensive and various child protection issues have also emerged, ie landmine and ordinance risk, war trauma and the recruitment of children by armed forces.  (Photo by Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images)

Presented at the Sibiu Marathon , this project facilitates access to drinking water in Romanian villages.

Together for LIFE

Program Impreuna pentru viata 3

With our financial support and our network of partners and well-recognised doctors, we help patients suffering from serious diseases to benefit from free surgeries that save their lives.