How to help

donation of life - give a heart to baby

We are all sensitive to the suffering around us and we want to help others, but often we do not go to the end. We are the subject of multiple requests, also dealing with daily problems that prevent us carrying out our intentions and creates a firewall against others. Beyond this wall, at Polisano Foundation we meet people for whom our support is their only hope. These people are not only on waiting lists, they are suffering people, often children, who dream of a helping call. By offering to help you can contribute, as little or as much as you can … and your help can give these people a chance of life!


Direct 2 % of income tax to the Foundation Polisano ! A little of your time can save lives


If you wish to contribute to our projects, contact us or send an email to fundaț

Legal entities

Direct 20 % of corporation tax, without additional expenses, to the Foundation Polisano! Do not assume an additional financial effort, but a redirect to a noble cause of money you have to pay anyway in the form of tax to the state. Your gesture can save lives

We can help!