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In recent years the NGO sector has developed rapidly in Romania, becoming increasingly more present in everyday life of Romanians. NGOs operate in areas where the public sector fails to meet the needs of communities. Polisano Foundation was born from Ilie Vonica’s desire to help his peers to have access to a healthy life. In the European Hospital in Sibiu, the first private hospital in Romania, during the life of Dr. Vonica over 100 pro bono interventions for people without financial resources and suffering from serious illnesses were performed.

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His desire to help people continued with creating Polisano Foundation, which in 2016 gave a chance of life to over 15 children suffering from severe cardiovascular disease. For all these patients, surgeries could not be performed in state hospitals because of the complexity of their conditions and lack of qualified medical personnel and necessary equipment. By mobilizing our partners, world-renowned doctors coming to Romania to serve these patients, we manage to find medical solutions for people who have no hope, at much lower cost than if the same interventions would be made ​​abroad. Complementing our individual program Together for Life, our projects contribute to community health groups and larger communities.


Dr. Corina Porr

As a physician and parent, I have always been sensitive to the suffering of others, especially children who have no access to healthcare. As President [...]

Anabella Tarnovan

Through all our actions, we contribute to a better life for to our fellows in distress. [...]

Catalina Costache

Executive Director

10 years living in France, I knew the benefits of a health system that works. In Romania, impresses me daily access to health inequalities, where many [...]

Veronica Gaigher

I was involved for many years in humanitarian causes, particularly in the Brukenthal Lions club, where I have been an active membermember since 2007. [...]

Lavinia Frankel

Always, I was involved in various projects of the local community and an active member of the Association of expatriates in Sibiu. I would like to put [...]

Remus Borza

I have argued from the outset the establishment and mission Polisano Foundation to continue the action begun by Dr. Ilie Vonica, whom I knew personall [...]

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Your health is precious. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep all medical records and the results of past investigations to facilitate medical teams actions.